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The Crystal Egg Live (2018)

Writer / Producer, Multi Media Theatre  90 Minutes

Adapted from the short story by seminal science fiction writer H.G. Wells, this multi media immersive production debuted at The Vaults: Waterloo.

Charley Wace is troubled by the night he watched his father disappear. With nowhere else to go, he is taken in by Uncle Cave, a kindhearted curio shop owner in Seven Dials and his dysfunctional family - Mrs. Cave and her daughter Anna-Jacoby.


When the body of Wace's father is recovered, his sole possession is a mysterious Crystal Egg.  One Night Cave discovers the small egg's mysterious properties - a window onto another planet, and the creatures that dwell there - watching our earth with envious eyes. Learn more about this production HERE

*Nominee for Creative Innovation in Lighting Award -  Theatrefullstop's Theatre and Technology Award 2018
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The Journey of Alfred Small (2015)

Director / Writer / Producer, Short Film 20 minutes

Alfred Small (Philip Goldacre) - reclusive old man, travelling to the bedside of his ailing wife - crosses paths with a young mother called Kendal (Tayo Elesin) who is trying to outrun an abusive relationship. As their lives collide on a bus, Alfred finds himself thrust into a friendship with someone who, like himself, struggles to let go of the past. Watch the film HERE

*Nominated for 'Best Ensemble Cast' Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards - 2016

*Finalist Olympus Film Festival Los Angeles for 'Best Ensemble, Best International Short, Best Actor'. 2018
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