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(Review for King John)


“The outstanding performance came from Mike Archer… a dazzling, athletic characterisation.” 

  • George Allyson - Sardine Reviews

(Review for Trainspotting)

“Mike Archer delivers the role of Renton with conviction and ease.”

  • Cameron Dunham - Remote Goat

“Mike Archer as Mark Renton gave a gritty and authentic portrayal of low life.”

 - Lucien Morgan - Take 101 Sky TV

“Mark, played by Mike Archer, was suitably hagged and wild-eyed.”

  • Carissa Nunn -

(Review for Night Must Fall)

“Mike Archer executes the shift perfectly.”

  • Alan Long - Essentially Surrey 


(Review for Experiment 150)


“Archer, Banks and McGurren cannot be praised enough in pacing the shifts from seriousness to comedy, ensuring the integrity of the play.”

  • Loretta Monaco - London Theatre 1

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