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Media Archive

Welcome to my  Archive. Here you can watch a selection of clips from the varied character's I've played over the years. Check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more content. 

Thumbnail (Demo Reel).jpeg

Mike's Current Professional Demo Reel

Genius of Turner.jpg

Period Drama - A confident 'Rock Star' Scientist (Humphrey Davy) demonstrates his discoveries for an assembled audience.


Film Extract - A sociopathic killer entices his girlfriend into doing away with their next victim only for it to turn on him. 


Film Extract - An arty young man struggles to accept his responsibility to his ailing wife and uses a camera to try and capture their former relationship.

Colour Me Grey Tumbnail.jpg

Film Extract - Jared - a down and out man threatens a hard nut undercover cop and ends up in a situation. 

Senet Group Thumbnail.JPEG

Commercial -  A quirky young man is discouraged from gambling his last ten pounds.


Film Extract - An anxious young business man confronts his self assured boss.

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